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Vol 1.3                                                                                                                                                      September 1999



In recent months, I have been very busy juggling the demands of my new contract at the BBC in London, the usual household management and parenting tasks and the Family Research Project.

I continue to be greatly encouraged by the tremendous support that I have received from interested parties. I have heard from people who are closely, distantly or not even related. Whether your contribution is information, photographs, certificates, financial, constructive criticism or just a pat on the back, I really do appreciate hearing from you.

The Newsletter website, which I set up in July, has received over 250 'hits' and several visitors have signed the guest book.

In this issue, I highlight that the Italian based Friggeri family has a French Connection by way of Switzerland, that the Frigerio name has noble ancestry and that there is a Frigieri family in Brazil. The sporting heritage and literary achievements of the Maltese Friggieri family will continue to be a regular feature.

I intend to devote the next issue to the Australian branches of the family. So, if you have any information, please send it to me for inclusion.


Happy Birthday Mum !

My mother Catherine (nee Smith) will be 62 on September 21. She was born in Ireland in 1937 and married my father Walter in Hammersmith, England on November 27, 1957.


Register of One-Name Studies

In the last issue, I reported that I had joined the Guild of One-Name Studies. In July, the Guild Register was updated to show that I am researching the following linked surnames:

Frigeri - Frigerio - Friggeri - Friggieri - Frigieri


FRIGERIO - Family Name History

ã The Historical Research Center, Inc

It is indeed not surprising that one of the first Western European countries, after the fall of the Roman Empire, to institute an hereditary surname system was Italy. The surname FRIGERIO is of Italian origin. There is documentary evidence to show that hereditary names were employed among the patricians of the Republic of Venice in the tenth and eleventh century. The surname FRIGERIO is first recorded in the fifteenth century. As with the Romans, among the Venetians the "cognomen", a "family name", was derived from a name applied to an early ancestor. This name was itself derived from a number of very diverse sources. In the case of the Italian surname FRIGERIO and of its variants FRIGATO, FRIGHI, FRIGO and FEDERIGO, this "cognomen" is derived from a patronym. Patronymic surnames are those names which derive their origin from the personal name of the father of the original bearer of the name as a hereditary family name. In this instance, the name FRIGERIO is derived from a variant of the name Federico/Frederick. The personal name Frederick was recorded in Italy as early as 1000 in its Latin forms of Frederigus, Federicus and Fridericus. The name is ultimately of Germanic origin being derived from the personal name Frithurik meaning "peace-ruler". It was a popular name among Europe's royalty and included kings such as Frederick Barbarossa (1123-1190), King Frederick I of Sicily (1198-1212) and also Frederick II of Sicily (1272-1337). References to the surname FRIGERIO include a record of one Filippo FRIGERIO who was consul of the Republic of Milan in 1447. Bardelino FRIGERIO was fiscal mayor of Milan in 1513. Three brothers Giovanni, Antonio and Nicola FRIGERIO were ennobled in 1816 by Francesco I, Emperor of Austria.


Any Old Stelmarians ?

I was educated at Stella Maris College in Malta from 1966 to 1976. My first cousin Vincent (b 4/3/56) attended the same school and had some of his poetry published in The Stelmarian (1971/72). The 1968 edition of The Stelmarian mentions Roland Friggieri in the section dedicated to the Annual Sports Rally. He was placed second in the 880 yards race, which was open to Old Stelmarians. The same edition congratulated another Old Boy named Joseph Friggieri (of Msida) on his marriage to Mary Micallef of Paola. I would love to hear from any family members who went to my alma mater.

Memor et Fidelis


From my photo album……………….




In November 1954, at the tender age of 18, my father

Walter (b. 16/6/36) decided to stretch his wings and emigrated from Malta to England.

He is pictured here, on the day he left home,

with my grandparents,

Vincent (b. 5/3/07) and Beatrice Attard (b. 15/8/07 d. 1959).

Dad was the third of seven children.

My uncles and aunts are:

Joseph (b. 27/3/33)

Paul (b. 20/9/34)

Connie (b. 24/3/41)

Edwin (b 15/8/44)

Mary (b. 23/4/47)

Sylvia (b. 1952 d. 1959)




On the Ball

Alfred Friggieri

'The Dreadnought'

born 1875

Photo courtesy of Antoine Busuttil who maintains the following Maltese Soccer Web Sites:

Alfred was the third child (of fourteen) of Vincenzo Friggieri (b. 14/9/1846) and Rosina Tonna (b. 1853 d. 7/11/1910) and an older brother of the famous Ruggiero Friggieri (b. 11/4/1886 d. 31/8/1925) who was profiled in the last issue.

The earliest records dating back to 1904, show that 'Fredu' started his career playing as a right back for one of the early Valletta teams. At that time, the National League had as yet not been formed and Maltese clubs honed their skills in friendly matches with one another and the Services teams. The results of these friendly encounters clearly show that the strongest sides were Floriana and St. George's. Eventually a challenge match was organised at the Imtarfa Parade Ground for a silver trophy aptly named the Imtarfa Cup. The match ended in a 1-1 draw. Both Friggieri brothers, Ruggieru and Alfred were in the Floriana line-up and were regular choices for the Floriana side, which did not concede a single goal in the league between 1910 and 1913. In fact, Floriana won the first three League Championships (1909-10, 1911-12 and 1912-13), the National Ground Cup in 1910 and the Gaelic Cup in 1913. Fredu's career came to an end in the 1917/18 season when he broke a leg during a friendly match against HMS Black Prince.

I would really like to hear from any of his descendants.



Descendants of Antonio Friggeri

Generation No. 1

ANTONIO FRIGGERI was born in Reggio Emilia, Italy. He married MARIA-THERESA FIORINI.

They emigrated to Geneva, Switzerland


LODOVIC FRIGGERI, b. 1904, Geneva d. 1980.




Generation No. 2

LODOVIC FRIGGERI was born 1904 in Geneva, Switzerland, and died 1980. He married LUCIENNE BLEDON.


BERNARD3 FRIGGERI, b. March 23, 1927; d. 1985.





Generation No. 3

BERNARD3 FRIGGERI (of LODOVIC of ANTONIO) was born March 23, 1927, and died 1985.

His first wife was MICHELE HAVY.

His second wife was LUCIENNE AUBOURG.


STEPHANE FRIGGERI, b. July 15, 1955.

JEAN-NOEL FRIGGERI, b. January 13, 1953; d. 1996.





Generation No. 4

STEPHANE FRIGGERI (of BERNARD of LODOVIC of ANTONIO) was born July 15, 1955. He married SAMIRA HUSAIN.


CLARA FRIGGERI, b. August 13, 1989.

JADE FRIGGERI, b. June 5, 1995.

ADRIEN FRIGGERI, b. November 23, 1985.

JEAN-NOEL FRIGGERI (of BERNARD of LODOVIC of ANTONIO) was born January 13, 1953, and died 1996.



LYDIA FRIGGERI, b. June 20, 1977.

JULIEN FRIGGERI, b. January 10, 1982.


Information supplied by Stephane Friggeri from France



Oliver Friggieri (b. March 27, 1947)

Author, Critic & Translator

Oliver Friggieri was born in Floriana and educated at the Archbishop's Seminary, the Royal University of Malta and the Catholic University of Milan. He obtained a BA in Maltese, Italian and Philosophy in 1968, followed by a Masters degree in 1975 and a Ph. D in 1978. Oliver was the Secretary of the Moviment Qawmien Letterarju (1970-71) and he served on the editorial board (1969-73) and was editor (1974-75) of Il-Polz. He was also the co-founder of Sag[tar. In 1971, he collaborated with Paul Mizzi to establish Klabb Kotba Maltin and in 1980 became the editor of the Journal of Maltese Studies. He is a member of the Association Internationale des Critiques Litteraires of Paris and The International Poetry Society. Oliver's teaching career started in 1968, when he taught Maltese and Philosophy at State Secondary Schools in Malta. In 1976, he joined the Department of Maltese of the University of Malta as an Assistant Lecturer, becoming a Lecturer in 1978, Associate Professor and Head of Department of Maltese in 1988 and a full Professor in 1990.

Oliver is the author of numerous books of poetry, literary criticism, two novels, many short stories, biographies, as well as translations (from Latin, Italian and English into Maltese), and The History of Maltese Literature. Among his works of literary criticism are several books on the Italian influence in Maltese literature, especially on Dun Karm, Malta's National Poet. As well as being a regular columnist of Il-Mument, he has also presented several local radio programmes and has participated in over 50 International Congresses. Oliver has always been innovative. In 1985, he authored the first oratorio in Maltese, Pawlu ta' Malta and in 1989 he organised the first National Congress on Maltese Culture and wrote the first cantata in Maltese, L'G[anja ta' Malta. His 1996 dictionary was the first full-scale dictionary of literary terms in Maltese. He has established a reputation as the top critic and historian of Maltese literature. Oliver is married to Eileen Cassar and they have a daughter named Sara.




Herbert is Oliver's brother.

Oliver is my second cousin, once removed.

His grandfather Publio (b. 3/11/1879 d. 23/3/1953) and my great-grandfather Giuseppe (b. 4/9/1874 d. 7/3/1956) were brothers.

An interesting fact is that Giuseppe married Maria Spiteri (b. 6/2/1879 d. 15/6/1957) on 21/2/1897 and that his younger brother Publio married Maria's younger sister Lorenza (b. 8/8/1881 d. 7/5/1941) on 2/2/1902.




This photograph was taken by my brother-in-law Joe Muscat, at the Family Reunion held in Malta last April.



The 1997 edition of the Sao Paulo telephone directory lists six people with the surname Frigieri.

There are records of three waves of Maltese emigration to Brazil in 1912, the late 1920s and the 1950s.

For more information go to the following website:



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