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Here we are again !


I have been greatly encouraged by the positive reaction to the first newsletter. Information and photographs have been flooding in from around the world. A main feature of the first issue was the Family Reunion in Malta. The current edition takes a look at the Italian heritage and the known variants of the surname and crests. Future articles will take an even more global view of the family and will discuss trends in emigration and occupation.

I have been asked what criteria were applied in deciding whom to include in the 'Famous Family Members' section. The simple answer is that I extracted all the entries listed in the book entitled 'Maltese Biographies of the Twentieth Century'. Please let me know of any others whom you consider worthy of mention. To facilitate my research, I have joined two organisations (see Page 3) dedicated to genealogy and surname history. Also, I have built a new web site, which provides online access to the newsletter. If you have access to the Internet, please visit the site and sign the guest book.

As with any family chronicle, the passage of time brings both happy and sad events. This issue covers both a wedding and a funeral. Please keep me informed of all major family milestones.


Wedding News


On June 19, Carol (b. 29/11/54) married John Eves in Silverstone, England. Carol's mother Jane Bugeja (b. 29/9/32) is the daughter of the late Alfred Friggieri (b. 29/11/08 d. 23/11/98) who featured in the Military Hall of Fame section in the first newsletter. Carol and John spent their honeymoon in Antigua.


Variations on a theme by……..


Il casato FRIGGIERI, che fu usato anche nelle forme di FRIGERIO, FRIGGERI, FRIGERI e FRIGIERI, e un patronimico derivato da FRIDIGERIO, nome germanico formato dalle radici 'frid' pace e 'ger' lancia. Per traslato significa difesa. La stirpe in oggetto trae remote origini dalla Lombardia, e le sue numerose diramazioni hanno lasciato notevoli memorie in questa ed in altre regioni. Si sono mantenute per secoli, fino ai nostri giorni, ad un alto livello sociale, ed hanno goduto privilegi nobiliari, caiche pubbliche e dignita civili e religiose.

I primi personaggi rivelati dai documenti sono un FRIGERIO, Vescovo di Perugia e di Chiusi al tempo di Innocenzo IV nel 1251, e FRIGERIO, Cappellano della Chiesa di Arcagne nel 1258. Abbiamo notizia poi dell'antichissima e nobile diramazione di Castel S. Pietro, ascritta alla Cittadinanza di Como ed investita di beni dalla Curia di Como nel 1270. A Milano troviamo new secolo XIV Donato, religioso, Rettore di S. Vittore, e Beltramolo, notaio. E' interessante rilevare che il notariato era, a quel tempo, una professione esercitata da personaggi di gran merito e virtu appartenenti a famiglie nobili di rango primario. Ai primi del 1400 visse Pietro che fu padre di Paganino, il quale divenne un celebre intagliatore in legno. Lo ritroviamo nel 1480 esercitante quella professione, non per guadagno, ma per amore all'arte.

Nel 1447 Filippo e descritto fra I Decurioni e I Consiglieri nel Consiglio Generale della Repubblica Milanese. Nel 1513, in un antico documento figura il nome di G. Antonio, abate; nel 1527 Giorgio fu Commissario del Popolo e Giovanni Mario, suo fratello, tenne quella carica l'anno successivo. L'Imperiale Regio Governo della Lombardia nel 1788 dichiaro nobile la famiglia FRIGERIO di Milano. Altro ramo della casata fu decorato del titolo di Conte.

Della nobile diramazione Reggiana dei FRIGGIERI se ne hanno notizie nel 1757 coi fratelli Pietro e Carlo.

Giovanni, di Vincenzo, di Pietro, vivente nel 1782, fu avvocato ed anche letterato ed appartenne all 'Accademia dei Muti'. Suo fratello Pietro, sacerdote, fu 'Cittadino grave' di Reggio e di Modena.

Anche Vincenzo, di Giovanni, di Vincenzo, fu avvocato ed il fratello suo, Fulvio, fu canonico della Cattedrale di Reggio. Vincenzo continuo la famiglia col figlio Giovanni. Questi prese parte al governo provvisorio nel 1831, sposo la nobile Laura Guidelli, ed ebbe parecchi figli, fra cui Vincenzo, nato intorno al 1830.


In Fond Remembrance

Francis Friggieri was born in Senglea, Malta on September 6, 1913.

He married Mary Cauchi (b. July 10, 1919) on February 23, 1946 and sadly, passed away on May 23, 1999.

Lineage:       Carmel; Saviour; Filippo; Salvatore; Publio; Lorenzo; Francesco; Bartolomeo; Giovanni


Left:     First Communion with sisters, Elizabeth (b. 18/5/09 d. 18/5/91), Carmena (d. 16/7/79) and father Carmel (b. 5/10/1872 d. 3/8/43).

Centre: Taken in 1937 by a Greek photographer in the vicinity of the Hotel Phoenicia in Floriana, Malta.

Right: Malta Family Reunion in April this year with wife Mary, daughter Christine, son-in-law Mario and grandchildren David and Marija.


From my Photo Album…….across four generations


The photo on the left was taken in 1966 at my Confirmation and from left to right shows my grandfather Vincent (b. 5/3/07), my sister Suzette (b. 7/11/63), my mother Cathy (nee Smith b. 21/9/37), me (b. 10/9/58), my father Walter (b. 16/6/36) and my uncle Paul Tabone (b. 13/1/35 d. 22/3/83). The one in the middle was taken in 1977 at my Engagement Party and shows me, granddad and dad. The picture on the right was taken this year and shows me with my three sons, Robert (b. 30/10/79), Sean (b. 21/3/84) and Alan (b. 10/6/86).


Military Hall of Fame



Michael Paul Friggieri (b. 3/3/1955 in London)

Joined the Grenadier Guards in 1971 and served for six years.

He was stationed at the Junior Guardsman's depot in Surrey.

Awarded prizes by Field Marshal Sir Gerald Templer K.G.

for achievements in boxing and athletics.


The Society of Genealogists & The Guild of One-Name Studies


The Society of Genealogists was founded in 1911 to promote, encourage and foster the study, science and knowledge of genealogy. As a member of the society, I am entitled to use their extensive library of books, documents, microfiche and Special Collections and to attend lectures given by experts in the field of genealogical study.

The Guild of One-Name Studies was formed in 1979.

The concept of a one-name study is to extend the project to include all occurrences of a surname (and its variants), rather than limiting research to a particular pedigree (ancestors of one person) or descendancy (descendants of one person or couple).


On the Ball


This section is devoted to the sportsmen of the family.

The Floriana Football Club web site at

records six players named


in the Roll of Honour.

The following profile of

Ruggiero Friggieri

(b. 11/4/1886 d. 31/8/1925)

is extracted from

'Maltese Biographies of the Twentieth Century'

by Michael J. Schiavone and Louis Scerri.

Photograph courtesy of Lisa, his great-granddaughter, who lives in Sydney Australia.

Emblem provided by Jean Paul Borg, the owner of the Floriana FC web site


Born in Floriana, Friggieri was very short, standing not more than 5ft in his socks, but this did not prevent him from becoming the greatest fullback ever produced by Maltese football. In his days the game was rough, and a fullback needed to be strong and a tough tackler. Friggieri was both, but he also had the ability to play himself out of trouble, something very rare in those days.

Friggieri started playing for Floriana around 1906 when the team was still being formed. In 1909 he took part in the memorable Imtarfa Cup match against St George's. It was here that the legend of Iz-zibga was born. Between 1910 and 1913 he led the team to three successive championships and two cup victories. He was admired and respected by everybody and many times after important matches against the Services he was invited for drinks in the Officers' mess.

During the period 1913-16 he played professional football with Messina in the Italian League where he was described as the piccolo diavolo maltese. In 1916, Floriana disbanded their team and Friggieri joined St George's, helping the Saints to win the League and Cousis Shield double. The following season he probably joined Valletta United but unfortunately the records for this season are very sketchy.

During World War I, he joined the KOMRM, leading the team to many famous victories in the United Services League. Such was his fame that he was chosen for the Pick Army, an honour which was bestowed on no other Maltese footballer of his era.

In 1922, Friggieri turned professional for Sliema Wanderers. He stayed with the Wanderers for 3 seasons, winning two championships, one cup, and one Cassar Cup medal. In 1925 he was accused of selling the league match against Floriana. He denied this charge and also signed an affidavit. Whatever the truth, the incident left a bad taste and a black spot on the career of one of the greatest ever Maltese footballers. He never played again for the Wanderers and, a short while later, he returned to his old club, Floriana for the princely sum of £5. However, he was not to play again for the Greens because he fell ill and died suddenly while still at the top of his career.


Landmarks & Monuments

In the centre of Perugia, stands the Friggeri Palace built in 1700. In Rome, a Via and a Piazza are named after Attilio Friggeri. In Reggio Emilia there is an 18th century "bella casa" owned by the Friggieri family. In Toulon, France the Place du
Lieutenant Jean Friggeri commemorates a soldier who died in Algeria in 1944.

Can you provide any more information or photographs ?


The first six generations in Reggio Emilia, Italy



PIETRO FRIGGIERI was born 1680 in Reggio Emilia, Italy.

Child of PIETRO FRIGGIERI is: VINCENZO FRIGGIERI, b. 1710, Reggio Emilia, Italy.


GIOVANNI FRIGGIERI, b. 1740, Reggio Emilia, Italy; d. 1782.

Occupation: Profession 'Avvocato' (Lawyer) & 'Letterato'

PIETRO FRIGGIERI, b. Reggio Emilia, Italy.

Occupation: Profession 'Sacerdote' = Priest


VINCENZO FRIGGIERI, b. 1770, Reggio Emilia, Italy.

Occupation: Profession 'Avvocato' = Lawyer


Occupation: Canonico della Cattedrale di Reggio




For taking part in the Provisional Government of Reggio in 1831 with Count Giacomo Lamberti he was sentenced to one year's imprisonment. This was commuted to house arrest due to his 'poor state of health'.




Information supplied by Andrea Friggieri (b. July 9, 1969 in Milan) who is descended from

Vincenzo son of Giovanni and Laura.



1. Torino

2. Perugia

3. Reggio Emilia






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